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William Loren "Lee" Berry was born on 21 Apr 1971.

William Loren Berry died on 14 Oct 1882 in Lexington, KY. as a result of a faming accident. He was eleven years old at the time of his death. He was a Fourth grade student at Mercer County Elementary School. Lee wanted a career in the military. He was a energetic little boy who had a ready smile and loved the world around him. He is forever missed by his family.

In the years that have passed since Lee died I have come to the realization that while his years were short his task was completed. He was my teacher, my guide and has influnced me more than anyone else I know. He taught me to have patience, understanding of others and to enjoy the time we are alloted here on earth.

The Mention of His Name
"The mention of my child's name
May bring tears to my eyes,
But it never fails to bring
Music to my ears.
If you are really my friend,
Let me hear the beautiful music of his name.
It soothes my broken heart
And sings to my soul."

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